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Pedler Hoosier Boehm System Metal Clarinet 1952/53


Pedler Hoosier 1952/53

This Pedler metal clarinet comes with original wooden case and an original cork grease container. Serial #43041.

All new leather pads, new corks, and a few new springs. Cleaned an lubricated. Mechanics are really good and light. Some of the rings may need adjustment depended on your fingertips.

Bear in mind: It’s not a new clarinet. It has had a hard life, some keys have been bent violently – But after a thorough refurbishment she’s now back in perfect playing condition !!


I’m not qualified to say if it’s a good or bad clarinet, as I’m not used to play the Boehm system.
All I can say, it is easy to play, and it sounds okay. It’s not the best year of manufactory, as the Pedler Company was sold to Martin in 1936.
I am playing a Harry Pedler Albert system from 1933/34 which is a fantastic instrument.
If You wish to learn more about the Harry Pedler clarinets, here is an interesting article about George Lewis’ metal clarinet written by the German specialist Eberhard Kraut.

The price is DKK 1.950,- plus shipping
Don’t hesitate to contact me if You are interested or have any questions