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Selmer Albert System K-series Bb Clarinet 1924

Selmer Albert Clarinet 1924
Selmer Albert Clarinet

Up for sale: Henri Selmer Albert Clarinet

This is a fantastic piece of art – One of the best clarinets I have ever played. A very rare K-series with low E-flat. The wood is in perfect condition, however, there is plenty of marks of use (to be expected after 90 years in action). No cracks or repairs, nor to be expected if treated well. A few chips below the serial number on the lower section.

All the keys are working perfectly. Especially I like the elegant design of the left-hand levers. The extra key for the low E-flat caused me some trouble at the beginning but is great fun when You get to know it.

Dating the K-series is difficult, as there are no records of manufactory from Selmer.  We know for sure Selmer changed the logo in 1926. This clarinet has got the old logo on it; my guess is 1924.

The clarinet is equipped with new leather pads, except some on the lower section. They are cork pads with some kind of rubber on it… They seem to last forever !!

The case seems to be original. There is a sticker on it from “Fat Waters and His Danceonians“. A band from the Pennsylvania area active in the 1920’s.

Be aware the clarinet hasn’t been played for a couple of years. It’s advisable to start out gently to give the wood a chance to get used to the humidity – and to remind the “old lady” she is actually a clarinet.
Keep an eye on the screws! Especially the small pivot screws. Some were wrapped with sewing thread to keep them tight. If they are working out, seal them with a drop of clear nail lacquer at the top.
Oiled and lubricated, Low pitch. Ready to play. Serial #K3488.


The price is DKK 12.000,- plus shipping
Don’t hesitate to contact me if You are interested or have any questions.




Listen to the example from the Selmer K3488 recorded by Bernd Karpfen, New Orleans, 2014:

If You would like to learn more about the history of the Selmer clarinet in New Orleans jazz, I can recommend this article by Eberhard Kraut: Henri SELMER Klarinetten der 1920/30er Jahre