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The Buescher, Elkhart Ind. Albert system clarinet

Low pitch, Bb-flat

Buescher Albert clarinet

The Buescher Manufacturing Company was established by Ferdinand August Buescher in 1894, Elkhart Indiana. They were best known for their amazing saxophones. But in a short period, from approx. 1910-20 they also produced clarinets.
The company was acquired by the H&A Selmer Company in 1963. Selmer retired the Buescher brand in 1983.

Logo and serial numbers

The clarinet is made of grenadilla wood. The wood is well worn, but there are no cracks at all, but the tenons are not quite sharp anymore.

This Buescher clarinet is tuned in Bb-flat, pitches perfectly in A=440. It has got the usual issues of the time, meaning some notes are a little bit flat, others a bit sharp. This can easily be adjusted by the lips, though!
I have tested with a modern mouthpiece from Vytas Krass.

The matching serial numbers, 21862, suggest the year of manufactory to be 1913.
There is no logo on the barrel, could be worn off but I believe it to be original.

The bell is unfortunately missing. The best match I could find is a Fernand Chapelain & Cie who produced clarinets from 1890 – 1917, should suit the time period.

Also the original tumbrest was broken. Replaced with a fine vintage one.

The instrument is 59 cm long from top of barrel to bottom of bell and the total weight is 653 grams. The bore is 14,6 mm.
All new leather pads and new corks throughout the clarinet, including tenons. Wood has been conditioned with almond oil.
All the keys have been cleaned and bent back in positions. Springs, rods and screws cleaned from rust and subsequently lubricated and adjusted.

The Buescher comes in a box of unknown origin.

Buescher Albert clarinet in caseCase for Buescher Albert clarinet


I suspect this Buescher clarinet hasn’t been played for many years.
I will ask You to “warm it up” gently. Play it for about half an hour every day for at least a month. Not more. The wood needs to be reminded it’s actually a clarinet, getting used to changes in humidity again.

This has become a very fine clarinet. It plays beautifully without any trouble.

Test sample presenting the Buescher clarinet

coming soon…

The price is DKK 3.000,- (EUR 410,-) plus shipping.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if You are interested or have any questions.
– And please remember I’m not a professional repairman. If there are issues I can’t handle, I take it to a professional.
The Buescher clarinet is sold as it is, very old, no guarantee or money back.

Buescher Albert system clarinet

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