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Cavalier metal clarinet in Bb

Cavalier Boehm system metal clarinet

The Cavalier brand was a stencil made by C. G. Conn.
It is reportedly Conn’s student model, which was produced in large numbers for a relatively cheap money. It was very popular in school orchestras and marching bands.
The Cavalier metal clarinets were produced in the period from the late 30s to the early 60s.

It is relatively light, only 650 grams, large bore of 15.00 mm, length 59 cm.
I have tested the intonation with my Vandoren B45 mouthpiece. It is definately low pitch, but a little sharp with the barrel all the way in. With my mouthpiece from Vytas Krass it is spot on A=440.
Serial number is 37586.

The clarinet is completely renovated, ready to play!
There are clear signs that it has been well used in the school’s brass band, the bell is dented and the nickel coating has worn off in some places. But all the mechanics work perfectly and the new leather cushions cover perfectly.

Cavalier in case

Unfortunately the original case is missing, but I can offer a new modern one which works quite well for a small extra charge.
The clarinet comes without a mouthpiece.

Cavalier Metal Clarinet DKK 1.450,- (EUR 197,-)
Case for the clarinet DKK 380,- (EUR 50,-)
Shipping (ask for a quote)

Don’t hesitate to contact me if You are interested or have any questions.

– And please remember I’m not a professional repairman. If there are issues I can’t handle, I take it to a professional.
The clarinet is playing perfectly in my hands, but You might wish to take this Cavalier clarinet to a workshop for making additional adjustments after your own taste.
The clarinet is sold as it is, very old, no guarantee or money back.

Cavalier Boehm clarinet

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