New Orleans Jazz

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Burgundy Street Blues, New Orleans 2014
Saint Philip Street Breakdown, Odder 2014
Lead Me Saviour, Tokyo 2019
Darkness on the Delta, Hamburg 2014
Just As I Am, Tokyo 2019
Lead Me Saviour, Copenhagen 2018


Doc Houlind Band: Shake it and Breake it, Maribo 2018
Doc Houlind Band: Memories, Copenhagen 2013
New Orleans Z´hulus: Give Me Your Telephone Number, London 2015
New Orleans Z´hulus: Swingy Little Thingy, Harwich 2015
Doc Houlind Band: Over the Waves, Helsingborg 2019
Doc Houlind Band: Yes yes in Your Eyes, Copenhagen 2019

Collection Burgundy Street Blues

Harwich 2015
New Orleans 2015
Silkeborg 2012
Osaka 2019
Olney 2015
Roskilde 2020

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