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Regent Boehm System Metal Clarinet 1946/47

Regent, Ohio Band Imstruments Co. 1946/47

This Regent clarinet is produced by the “the Ohio Band Instrument Company“. According to the serial number, 40016, it was to be manufactured in 1946/47.

Regent, Ohio Band Imstruments Co. 1946

It was in terrible condition when I got it. But after a thorough cleaning, new leather pads and corks, some new springs and the keys bent back into position it turned out to be a really nice instrument.
It plays in low pitch, A=440.
Overall intonation is good.
The bore is 14,85mm, and the sound is ok for a Boehm clarinet.

The clarinet comes without a case!

This is what You get for the price of only DKK 1.850,- plus shipping:
A complete refurbished Regent Metal Bb flat Boehm system clarinet.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if You are interested or have any questions.

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