Schwedler-Kruspe Flute

Schwedler-Kruspe flute

Here we have a so-called reform flute. This type of flute was invented by Maximilian Schwedler and Carl Kruspe based on the Meyer flute, by Heinrich Friedrich Meyer, Hanover.
These flutes were mainly produced in the period from 1900-50.
You can read more about this particular flute here.

The flute is probably produced in Markneukirchen, Germany. It was a real instrument-making town, where a very large part of the inhabitants were engaged in the manufacture of musical instruments. Since the flute is not stamped with a manufacturer, it is probably mass-produced where one workshop supplied keys and metal rings, another turned the body and finished the instrument and a third then delivered the case.

The instrument is a flute in D (sounding C) with a B-foot. I can’t really tell the pitch as I am a lousy flautist and I don’t really know how to tune it. I have a feeling that A=430 or 435.
It is 72 cm long and the total weight is 519 grams. Distance from center of 1st finger hole to the 6th is 20,7 cm.
The head and keys are made of German silver, and the body probably of Madagascar rosewood. The embouchure plate is in ebonite.

The flute has recently been refurbished and plays perfectly:
All new leather pads and new corks throughout the flute, including tenons.
All the keys have been cleaned and bent back in positions. Springs, rods and screws cleaned from rust and subsequently lubricated and adjusted.

Hairline crack repaired

A hairline crack has been repaired and secured with CA-glue.

The Schwedler-Kruspe flute comes in a case I believe to be original.

Schwedler-Kruspe flute in caseCase for Schwedler-Kruspe flute

A special thank you goes to Mogens Friis and Björn Kempf, both specialists in antique flutes, who have been helpful on identifying the instrument and providing historical details. To Jem Hammond for generously sharing his experiences in the restoration process.

The flute is for sale! I have no idea the value, but give me a reasonable offer to consider…

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