A. Lefevres

Albert system clarinet in Bb, low pitch

A. Lefevres Albert system clarinet

A. Lefevres is a trade name employed for US-imported wind instruments.

It is made in France. The clarinet is both stamped Paris and France. The key work, which leads the idea of ​​a production date towards 1920-30, is also typically French. We just don’t know which of the many French factories made it.
Importers of musical instruments typically ordered the goods with their own logo stamped on them.

The A. Lefevres clarinet has been serviced and plays perfectly. It is cleaned and lubricated, no cracks in the wood. The mechanics are tight and firm.

This instrument is made of grenadilla wood and measures 59,5 cm from top of barrel to bottom of bell. The bore is 14,70 mm and the total weight is 635 grams.

The pitch is A 440 with a Vandoren B45 mouthpiece.

The wood is good. All tenons are intact.

The clarinet is perhaps 100 years old, and you might need adjustments for your own personal taste, like a different spring tension etc…

Important for this A. Lefevres:

I would ask you to “warm up / break in” the clarinet gently. Play for about half an hour every day for at least a month. Not anymore. The wood needs to be reminded that it is actually a clarinet and needs to get used to changes in humidity again.

Please note that although it looks pretty in the photos, it is not a new clarinet. both wood and keys show signs of wear.

Case for A. LefevresA. Lefevres in case


The price is DKK 3.400,- (EUR 460,-) plus shipping.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if You are interested or have any questions.
– And please remember I’m not a professional repairman. If there are issues I can’t handle, I take it to a professional.
The A. Lefevres clarinet is sold as it is, no guarantee or money back.

A. Lefevres Albert clarinet

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