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Jazz at Work


Jazz at WorkWhen was the last time you spoiled your employees with some
genuine New Orleans Jazz? A a reception? Anniversary?
Summer or Christmas party?

We play high quality New Orleans Jazz well worth listening to. Melodies You didn’t know You would love. The old classics to sing along to. All driven by an irresistable and powerful beat inviting people to the dance floor! That’s Jazz at Work….

We handle everything from small events to huge festivals. Contact us now for a good deal, while there is still space in the calendar!
Get from 2 to 8 musicians …

Home Jazz~ if Your boss is too stingy ~











Jazz at Work
Skøn trio med Lis Krøyer & Holden Fogh
Jazz at Work
Dinner music at Odd Fellow
Jazz at Work
Reception at the Farmaconomists











Brian Carrick"Jesper is one of the Best Clarinet player’s in the old style of New Orleans Clarinet player’s, and is much influenced by the legendary New Orleans Musician George Lewis. I have always found Jesper to be what “I Call” and Old Time Gentleman in every sense of the word, and a Great Asset to any band, He swings and has great emotion in his tone and style of playing."
Pattaya Mail"...the exception is Jesper Capion Larsen, who at 32 is considered the greatest ever clarinet talent in Danish jazz history. Jesper had been a classical musician before he, too, heard New Orleans jazz, flung away his flute and clasping his clarinet joined the All Stars..."
RingkøbingSkjern Dagblad"Der blev klappet af de forskellige musikeres præstationer, men mest af klarinettisten Jesper Capion Larsen, der er fra Skjern – og han fik allerstørst bifald, da han spillede »Bourgogne Street Blues«. Doc Houlind havde også introduceret med en bemærkning om, at ingen i hele verden spiller den så smukt som han."
Helsingør Dagblad"Den bedste solist var Jesper Capion, der brillerede med sit George Lewis-inspirerede klarinetspil."
Maribojazz"Jesper Capion Larsen – som en ubestridt mester på klarinetten."
"At the risk of upsetting a few purists I must confess here that I sometimes find clarinettists a touch high-pitched and squeeky, but Jesper Larsen was not one of them. This super slim reeds man has a lovely, mellow tone as illustrated many times but outstandingly in Lonesome and sorry, a number near the closing time. They [Doc Houlind Revival All Stars] sounded neither 'lonesome' nor 'sorry' to me!"
"Det flød bare derudaf med Ragnar Tretows elegante trompetspil, Kristian Barfoeds robuste og velklingende trombonespil og ikke mindst Jesper Capions sublime clarinet. Det gik op i en højere enhed. Et skoleeksempel på kollektiv improvisation, som var en fornøjelse at lytte til. Når man hører Jesper Capions klarinetspil kommer jeg til at tænke på verdensberømte nu afdøde klarinetister som Edmund Hall, Albert Nicolas og George Lewis’s meget forskellige måder at spille på. Jesper Capion behersker dem alle. Han er i stand til at give de traditionelle melodier nyt liv gennem sin nyfortolkning."