It’s not an actual shop. Just some things I don’t use anymore, or stuff I’d like other people to enjoy.

Clarinets for sale

Continental metal clarinet, Boehm system
Colonial Boehm system metal clarinet.
DKK 1.800,-
EUR 245,-
Pruefer Silverthroat clarinet
Pruefer Boehm system clarinet.
“Silver Throat”
Bb, low pitch
DKK 850,-
EUR 116,-
A. Lefevres Albert clarinet
A. Lefevres Albert system clarinet.
Bb, low pitch
DKK 3.400,-
EUR 460,-
Albert Clarinet from USSR
Albert system clarinet from the USSR.
Bb, low pitch
DKK 1.200,-
EUR 165,-
F. Barbier Albert clarinet
F. Barbier Albert system clarinet.
DKK 3.900,-
EUR 530,-
Selmer series 9 Boehm system
Selmer series 9 Boehm system clarinet in Bb.
DKK 6.700,-
EUR 905,-
Godfroy Aîné Albert system clarinet
Godfroy Ainé Albert system clarinet.
DKK 2.400,-
EUR 325,-


Vandoren, Yamaha, Bundy, Roc

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Vandoren, Yamaha, Regent, Bundy and Roc.


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Grenadilla wood
Grenadilla wood
– from junked clarinets –


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