Continental Colonial

Boehm system metal clarinet in Bb, low pitch

Continental Colonial metal clarinet

Continental clarinets are stenciled by the Pan American Band Instrument Co., a division of the C. G. Conn Musical Instrument Company. This clarinet is probably a student instrument that was incredibly popular in the US in the 50’s and 60’s.

I haven’t done anything to the clarinet. It played clear and distinct when I took it out of the box. The pads are pretty worn, but they hold tight. However, I recommend getting them replaced, but it is not absolutely necessary. The key corks are also well worn, but nothing is missing and they do their job..

This instrument is made of a nickel alloy with a satin finish on the body, it measures 59,5 cm from top of barrel to bottom of bell. The bore is a big one of 14,90 mm and the total weight is 649 grams. The clarinet pitches perfectly at A=440 with a modern mouthpiece, and the serial number is 78425.
Comes with a lyre, perfect if you are in a marching band.

Please note that although it looks pretty in the photos, it is not a new clarinet. Both body and keys show signs of wear.

Case for ContinentalContinental in case


The price is DKK 1.800,- (EUR 245,-) plus shipping.
– add 10% if you´re using PayPal “goods & services” –

Don’t hesitate to contact me if You are interested or have any questions.
– And please remember I’m not a professional repairman. If there are issues I can’t handle, I take it to a professional.
The Colonial Continental metal clarinet is sold as it is, very old, no guarantee or money back.

Continental metal clarinet, Boehm system

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