King Tempo

Boehm system clarinet in Bb

King Tempo Boehm clarinet

The King Tempo clarinet was introduced by the King Musical Instruments Company (originally founded as the H. N. White Company) in the 1940s. King was one of the largest manufacturers of brass and woodwind instruments and was known for making high quality instruments for both amateur and professional musicians.

Produced primarily for music schools and amateurs, the King Tempo clarinet became popular for its durability and ease of playability. It was also noted for having a good sound and intonation.

Although the King Tempo clarinet is no longer in production, it is still recognized as one of the best clarinets ever made by an American manufacturer. Many musicians still appreciate its warm timbre and accurate intonation.

Since 1980, the rights to the King name are currently owned by Conn-Selmer Inc.

The clarinet has been completely refurbished: New leather pads, cork, keys optimized and lubricated.

This instrument is made of some kind of plastic and measures 60,0 cm from top of barrel to bottom of bell. The bore is 14,80 mm and the total weight is 660 grams. The clarinet pitches perfectly at A=440 with a modern mouthpiece.

The serial number, 609329 suggests the year of manufactury to be between 1975-80.

King Tempo in caseCase for King Tempo
Room for sheet musicRoom for sheet music

The box is rather large, but I like it. There is plenty of extra space for accessories, even a compartment for sheet music.


The price is DKK 1.200,- (EUR 165,-) plus shipping.
– add 10% if you´re using PayPal “goods & services” –

This King Tempo clarinet is perfect for beginners, an easy playing instrument for a cheap money.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if You are interested or have any questions.
– And please remember I’m not a professional repairman. If there are issues I can’t handle, I take it to a professional.
The clarinet is sold as it is, no guarantee or money back.

King Tempo Boehm system clarinet

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